Potter's Platform

County-Level Objectives

Bipartisanship – Actually working together, rather than talking about it, will save taxpayers’ time and money over party-line bickering

Erie Community College – Many students in the Northtowns opt to go to NCCC over ECC due to its proximity (in addition to better programming), and this costs the Tonawandas and Grand Island each over $300,000 per year. With a satellite campus located in this area, we would be wisely investing in our community, our children and our future while having numerous benefits for the municipalities.

Industrial Development Agency reform – By eliminating municipal IDA’s in favor of just the one county IDA, along with a planning board, we could better plan the entire region rather than allowing Grand Island to fight Tonawanda, or Tonawanda to fight Amherst for businesses. The Tonawandas and Grand Island cannot afford to offer the attractive tax breaks necessary to attract big business and development within our borders, thus forcing the residential tax payer to pay more.

Infrastructure and roads fall into disrepair quickly due to our frigid winters. Bad roads places a cost on car owners who then need to repair their vehicles from driving over potholes inches deep. We must, out of necessity, approve more spending on our roads and infrastructure.

City of Tonawanda

Spaulding Commerce Park (aka the big front yard) is empty. We need an advocate to actively solicit business to come into the region. Big business there will alleviate the tax burden on residents and will carry many residual benefits with it.

We have 3 miles of beautiful waterfront, but it may be the best kept secret in the county. If we better promoted and utilized our waterfront, we could attract more young families to strengthen the City.

Better wild animal and rodent control.

Town of Tonawanda

Continue attracting business to the North Youngmann Commerce Center will be a priority.

With the Huntley Power Plant closing in a few months, we need to work with county and state officials to ensure the region is quickly cleaned up and that the tax burden of losing our largest tax payer does not fall too heavily on the residents.

Keeping Tonawanda a great place to live, work and play!

Grand Island

We need someone to pressure the town officials to stop freely approving high-density, hundreds-of-units apartment buildings which will only hurt the character of the Island, increase bridge traffic and heavier tax the infrastructure without any of the return benefits.

Eliminating bridge tolls for residents and those working on the Island.

"We can build a better community through sustainability & develop real solutions to real problems."

-Todd Potter